Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Thank you so much for all my dear friends who write in to check with me if all is well and why I haven't posted in a while. I enjoyed this little bit of attention and care very much.

As to why....well...it started off one cold morning when my laptop charger simply wouldn't charge anymore. That left the laptop useless for that time, and even though we have a desktop PC, it just didn't feel like it on this old old machine. Plus, with Thambi all agile and mobile, sitting upstairs for any length of time would be a dangerous proposition since its in the vicinity of the staircase.

Add to that, the fact that the boys have been sick. Winkie with his usual cold and congestion...and Sathya with an all out ear infection, his first ever (is this a milestone?). They're getting better now. At first I had serious withdrawal symptoms from not being able to use my laptop, but once I got over that hill, it was amazing...to just be removed from all the things I set up for myself to do and just do the basic basic things around the house. Almost like a vacation.

And lastly, Winkie has been undergoing some really puzzling, exasperating and worrisome behavior and I think I ended up using the time introspecting about things a little and trying to figure out how to move forward with him. More about that in a post after this....

But in all...I really needed and enjoyed this break and would have kept it going for a while longer, had it not been for those of you who wrote to me and reminded me of my love again....:)
Will try and bring myself back into circulation soon....

Lots of love,


2B's mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

uh oh, Tharini. I hope Sathya gets better soon, those ear infections could be very irritating specially for the babies.

You look after your little ones, hope they feel better soon.

Shobana said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope the little ones are returning to happyland soon. How was ur diwali and what was special since this is Sathya's first? Or second? Welcome back and it sure feels good to be loved, doesn't it? Take care.

Suki said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope Thambi gets better soon, and that you soon understand Winkie's latest growing-up phase!

We've missed you, good to see you back. :)

Wunderyearz said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Tharini,
Been a frequent visitor to your blog page but been a little lazy to post a comment.
Hope Thambi gets better soon and Winkie gets over his "growing up phase "hurdle soon.

BTW love your posts ...........just keep them going

Poppins said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh oh. Both my favourite set of babies in the blogosphere are sick (Brat & Bean are the other set). Not too good this.

Get well soon babies.

DotMom said... Best Blogger Tips

aww.. jeez hope the kids and the laptop are back to their old selves soon! take care.

mnamma said... Best Blogger Tips

Missed you Tharini.Hope Winkie and Thambi are better now. Do write about the Deepavali experience.

IBH said... Best Blogger Tips

get well soon kiddos....it hurts when u see our little ones suffer with pain...i have three appointments scheduled for kaju starting today..she is getting back her breathing issues and am all helpless :(

Timepass said... Best Blogger Tips

Get well soon, Winkie and Sathya.. I am awaiting your amma's posts abt ur diwali celebrations.

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