Friday, November 16, 2007

Sunrises and gift hands...

Who says you can enjoy a good sunrise only after driving a 40 mile distance? Check out the sunrise that happened right from my window, yesterday morning! I almost missed it while getting lunchboxes ready. But then, I accidentally looked outside and caught the pink clouds...and a quick intake of breath later, scrambled to get the camera. The first picture was what I initially saw. The second happened like 10 minutes later, when the sun had risen a bit. A gorgeous interplay of colours!

Two more pics that I liked. In the first one you can get a really good idea about how pretty that pink was and how soft that blue. Pink clouds on a blue sky!! The second is a prospect from my window, over the head of the calm, meditating Buddha, over the sparse tree tops, to a wishy washy mush of colours of the early morning sky.

And here, I shall devise something out of all these endless sunrise pictures. A tag! Yup. A sunrise tag. I am so enamoured by sunrises that I want to see what a sunrise is like in different parts of the world. So, if you will, please take up this tag and click a picture from your window, balcony, terrace, front door...of a typical sunrise in your morning. If I let this go off as a general tag, it just may not get done...and so, I shall get specific. I tag...2B's Mommy (dying for a Kiwi sunrise!), Rohini (how goes it in dear dear Mumbai!), Gauri (you're one of the first ones to see it everyday!) and STS (I've forgotten what its like in the Persian Gulf!). Please ladies...DO do this for me and tag 3 more people in turn and we'll see the sights through many a lens!

Moving on....a little snippet of conversation with Winkie one evening...

Scene : The living room is strewn with all his toys. Cars, mini train engines, and Thambi's rattles are littered all over. I enlist Winkie to help with the clean up.

C'mon need to clean up the toys. Come, I'll give you a hand.

You'll give me a hand Amma?
And so we pick up things, one after the other, and put them away until order is restored. I thank him and go into the kitchen. He follows me there and asks me...
Amma, give me my gift hand.
I have started loading the dishwasher and hear him distractedly. What, I ask him and he repeats the same thing.
By now, I am paying attention, but I don't get what he means and I offer him my hand, thinking that might be it. He too takes my hand in his and we shake nicely. And then, it registers that this is not what he meant and he shakes his head vehemently.
No no...not that hand Amma. Give me my gift hand.
And then, suddenly, the tubelight flashes on. I remember what I had said earlier to him about giving him a hand in cleaning up. That was his first time ever, hearing that phrase. Obviously, he did not know what it meant.
Giving him a hand = giving him a gift = Gift hand!
I let out a huge guffaw, much to the puzzlement of Winkie. R came in to see what all the humour was about. He was enlightened about the joke...but the most to learn something new that day was Winkie-man. I'm hoping this means he'll be giving me a lot more gift hands in the future, as a young man should for his seeking mother.
Happy weekend, all!


noon said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet - how he took it literally.
And I know what you mean - you can see breath taking sunrise just outside your window and feel like - why do I need to go some place special for this.
Nice one with the Buddha.
Though you have not tagged me, I am going to take up this tag - to reminisce on the ammazing sunrise I saw a few years back...
HOpe to do it before I leave on my trip tomorrow it may be forgotten!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great pictures!

Sorry to go off topic, but I had a question for you. I have been asked to do a guest storytime at my preschoolers class and they want me to do a book about India/from India. I have quite a few that come to mind('Prita goes to India', 'I is for India' and others), but was wondering if there was any ONE which was your favorite? Preferably a picture book? V has been talking to his teachers and friends about India a lot since we leave in 2 weeks for a 3 week visit.

Thanks! and p.s. little V said "Anna" the other day..caught us by complete surprise and made big V one happy anna indeed!


Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Noonie: How swell that you would do the tag! Please please by all means, delve into your memories and give us the splendid pictures. I am all eyes!

atgc : There is this one book which I read recently, by Anushka Ravishankar called To market, to market, which I just love. It shows a young girl going to the market place with her mom, and its a typical Indian marketplace, with all the vibrant colours, shops and happenings. I luckily found it at my local library. If you can get ahold of it, I think it'd be a great pic to show about India from that perspective.

I am so amazed that little V said that. He's 11 months, is he not? Wow. Has he repeated it again? I'm so amazed!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your suggestion. The book looks great. there is another book called "Excuse me, is this India" by the same author which was pretty good.

yep, little V is 11 months old. He has repeated "Anna" a couple of times, although the only word he is most consistent with is Amma (and I am not complaining....;)


nosh n reh's mum said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tharini....fellow sun-lover here. Im going to try and take up the tag too although I don't know how tags work...just post the pic on my site? I'm new to this whole blogging thing y'see.
Isn't it pure mirth for us when our kids come out with the things they say? lol...I know exactly what you mean!

mnamma said... Best Blogger Tips

Tharini: Those were beautiful pictures and I too liked the one with Buddha by the window! And 'gift hand' was cute. Amazing how they look at things in a way we usually think about :)

Altoid said... Best Blogger Tips

:)). Have you read Romona the pest series by Beverley Cleary? Its about this girl Romona who wants to go to school just like her older siblings and on her first oh-so-exciting day at school, her teacher tells her " Sit here for the present" as in for the time being. So she stays put in that seat all day, waiting for the 'gift'. :).

Thats what Winkie's episode reminded me of :).

I might be able to do the sunrise tag, if the weather in VA clears, its been muggy, cloudy and damp for about a week now. I am close to caving in to depression.

take care

choxbox said... Best Blogger Tips

thats so cute!

(using this space to suggest something to the atgc, hope its okay):
depending on how old the kids are, you could
1. show them where india is on the globe
2. wear a saree/indian outfit when you go over
3. give a little gift like bindis/bangles/diyas at the end. if something relevant to the story, even better.
4. play an indian instrument if you could and/or sing an indian song.

we have done presentations in my daughter's school the last few years at diwali time and have done all of the above. was quite well-received.

Parul said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey - I am also going to do the sunrise tag, though of course Rohini will put up a Mumbai sunrise....and a view not very far from where I am....but I want to! Mostly because I want to relive the time when I used to rise early because I had slept well and was not bone-tired at 8 in the will be a good way to break my current routine! So I guess I should say thanks to you, Tharini!

Also, I read the ABD post and...I AM FLOORED! You have such a way with words, and you have such a way. Those two boys better appreciate the sorted-out mommy they are blessed with!

Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

I cannot believe you were up at sunrise. I mean, I can believe it, but I'm so impressed!

I have to get up around half past seven for the maid and garbage collector and it's the low point of my day!

dipali said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful pictures! And I loved the gift hand:) How utterly charming:)

Praba said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi T -

Wonderful pics. The gift hand thing was really funny.

Altoid's mention of Beverly Cleary's Ramona series was really cute! We discovered Beezus and Ramona this summer - just read one as an introduction to chapter books for K. She loved it! . I have another one sitting that we are planning to read in december.

will email you. Hope you are having a great weekend!

2B's mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

breathtaking pics. I tried to wake up at sunrise this morning to take a pic for your tag, but lazy me turned off the alram when it went-off - didn't want to wake up warly on Sunday morning !

But I will take some pics tomorrow morning and post them - I want to see how the sun rises in this part of the world too ;-)

It took me a while to get it, 'gift hand', I mean :-)

Preethi said... Best Blogger Tips

great pictures!!! Loved the one with teh Budha!! and I loved the gift hand!! cute!!!!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

atgc : I'll remember that reco! I am a little envious to hear that he says Amma too. Been coaching Sathya to say it ever since. All I get is a blank stare followed by a 2 tooth grin with some drool dropping for added measure. :D

Nosh n Reh's Mum : Hayloo fellow sun lover. I'd be thrilled if you do this tag!! I bet I can expect an awesome picture from you. A tag is simple. In this particular case, just post the pic on your site, do any write up about it if you want to and send me a link so I can feast my eyes on it. :)

Mnamma : Thanks for liking my favorite picture. You have good taste. :D

Altoid : LOL. I haven't read the series. Never heard of it till today. Pls pls pls do the tag...I bet the weather will cooperate pretty soon!! Nice to hear from you after a while..

Choxbox : Use this space away. Those suggestgions were great! I enjoyed reading them, even tho I have no involvement in it yet.

Parul : I bet ur sunrise picture would still end up looking diff. from Rohini's. Pls. do it soon. :) Oh and when you wake up that early...don't forget to wacth your sunrise with that morning cuppa. And keep an ear out for the sounds of the birds. In fact...when you do the post...can you do like an all senses out description. What u saw, what you smelled, what you heard, and what you felt?

Sue : Let's set the record straight. I am up before sunrise. Everyday. Sometimes even weekends, thanks to my little one. Of course, this holds true only during the winter. ;)

Dipali : Thank you. I love that word 'charming'. It speaks a lot..

Praba : My weekend was actually quite earth shattering. Many turbulences back home. But then....what is life without a few earthquakes? (Hey! That sounded good. Should be made into a quote!) :)

2BM : Monday morning sunrise is good enough for me. :) Waiting.

Preethi...Thank you. You ahve good taste too, just like Mnamma! :)

Arch at Rang said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) Aren't these years precious?
They grow up so fast.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Poppins said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh how I want my life to be like that, waking up to see the sunrise! What am I doing waking up at 9 am :(

Gift hand was really cute :)

Gauri said... Best Blogger Tips

What have you gotten me in to T ??
Our apartment faces the west - so if it is sunset you're looking for - life would have been a lot easier.
Sunrise - we probably would have to wake up well before Mr.Golden Sun and trudge up a small hill (where we used to trek regularly before the kids came along) to snap up pics.
Not going to be easy and it is going to take a while but u've certainly enthused me.
(*sigh*) the things you make me do T, the things you make me do :-P

2B's mommy said... Best Blogger Tips

Its done - the tag. Girl you made me wake up so early, but it was quite an experience and I am glad I took up the tag :-)

Shobana said... Best Blogger Tips


Orchid said... Best Blogger Tips

:)..will do the sunrise tag..but there will be a few sunrises before i do on a break!

IBH said... Best Blogger Tips

Tharini, this is lovely.

On a side note, I have posted in my blog for November's theme...and since i am yet to send you a mail for my official DMC invitation, could you post this as a guest post.

I am sorry to bother you again and before the next theme will also send you my mail for my invitation. Thanks.

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