Sunday, January 27, 2008

In celebration of the last 365 days...

Today, I was signing in Thambi at the babysitting facility in the gym, and in the column marked for age of the child, I hesitated for a moment. Should I write 11 months as I have normally done for the past month, or should I write 1 year, since he has only some 24 hours left to go to officially turn 1? And that's when it hit me. That today is the very last day I will be writing that number. From tomorrow, I can boldly write '1 year' and that would be so very real for us. And as always, at that moment, I felt the complete urreality of time. How just some several hours separate a regular, routine day from a day worth remembering in all its eventfulness. And as always, that feeling of being right in the threshold of a new place in life. One foot, still firmly rooted to the present, and the other ready to take that first step into another beginning. And with Thambi's newly found mobility, it looks like that step will be made in a stumbling rush of excitement and thrill.

This time I am keeping up with him. I am not going to be left behind reminiscing endlessly of this time last year. I am going to chase the little guy for all he's worth and hear his gurgles of laughter in the thrill of the chase. Yes I am!

This past month has gone slowly enough. I feel like its been a long time ago that I compiled his 11th month update, and wrote the the countdown is well and truly on! And now its just about over. And all in good time. It hasn't flown past, it hasn't whizzed by and I feel very much in keeping with time. Its a good feeling. A simple feeling.

As far as birthday celebrations go....we already rung in his first birthday in a simple and smashing way! His star birthday was last weekend, and we had a priest come home to do the ayushomam. That was on Sunday morning at 6:00 AM. It happened really fast and before we knew it, we were done with the ceremonies and eating the prasadam of sweet pongal. Thambi looked pure and delectable in a silk dhoti and all the gold ornaments. The sound of the anklets as he crawled around was pleasant and festive and made him extremely curious to try and trace the sound source. Winkie donned a lovely cotton kurta and sat with his father for a portion of the proceedings.

And the night before was special. We decided to keep things really simple and uncomplicated, so we asked a few of our best friends to come home and spend a bit of the evening with us. And just for fun, I designed a calendar for 2008 with all of Thambi's monthly pictures from newborn to 11 months. Alongwith that was an insert for a proper January calendar in which the 19th was highlighted, thus marking their calendars for them! It was 3 hours of homework! Foodwise, I didn't cook, and we catered some Indo chinese. Our amazing cake decorator, who is also a part-time dreamweaver, baked the most amazing looking cake aligned with our exact visualisation and made the evening memorable. The idea was to depict all the physical milestones of a baby from birth to a year, and that is what she did around the sides of the guava flavoured cake. A newborn Thambi, a rolling over Thambi, a crawling Thambi and a sitting Thambi. And on the very top and face of the cake, a 1 year old Thambi, holding onto the '1' and standing tall.

We indulged the kids in some light craftwork. One was where they decorated their very own party hats with colourful foam stickers. And in the other, I had drawn an outline of the number 1 on individual sheets of paper, and also cut out shapes of body parts that could be glued together to make a whole person. The idea was to mimic the picture on the top of the cake. The completed work would be a gift from all the little people to Thambi. I dare say, they had fun, and we had fun watching them. This was followed by the actual cutting of the cake, and right after we all sang for him, Thambi put his hands together and clapped! :) There he is, in his golden kurta suit.

As for tomorrow and what's in store. Well, I decided I'll stay home and just be with him. Enjoy his smiles and his little licks of kisses, watch him walk and practice his gait. Feed him his cereal and change his diaper. Put him down for a nap when he is well and truly tired and not a moment before, just because its about time he slept. Maybe I'll make some payasam and feed it to him. Maybe we'll all have some payasam in his name. We'll see how the day unfolds. With exactly 23 hours left to go till the moment of his birth, a renewed countdown is well and truly on! :)


Altoid said... Best Blogger Tips

Perfect timing! :-) I was just about to leave a comment in the last post asking whats in store for the 1st bday.

Cake looks awesome, and on this occasion I am thrilled I am the 1st to comment on this post :-).

Extra special hugs to thambi. Many happy returns!

Vijaya. said... Best Blogger Tips

That sounds like a very nice plan for the birthday. What more does a 1 year old want than to cuddle with his mom all day?

Happy Birthday, Thambi.

Kudos to your friend who decorated that cake. It looks fabulous.

B o o said... Best Blogger Tips

The cake always takes the cake in all your parties, Tharini!! :) I would have just stared at the cake for eternity. How do you bring yourselves to cut it? It looks so exquisite!

Both the boys look smashing. *kiss kiss*

Anju said... Best Blogger Tips

A very special Birthday Wish for little Thambi and big "hug".

I love the fact that you had a really small bday celebration for Thambi's first bday(that's how we did for Ronit's first birthday). I feel its more enjoyable and the birthday child can actually have fun!! The cake looks awesome!! Pictures are so cute and the boys look so handsome!!

Happy Birthday Thambi!!

Its Our Space said... Best Blogger Tips

Very nice way to celebrate the big day,Tharini. Advance Birthday wishes to the little guy and the beaming big brother looks smashing. Bless them.

ps : Does your cake artist do long distance deliveries?I cant just drool over such beauties for long .

Sree said... Best Blogger Tips

time truly flies... it just seems like the other day you were getting ready to go hospital and blink you are about to celebrate one year!! Loads of love to the kiddo and God bless both of them!!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Altoid. :)

Exactly Vijaya. I hope he likes his treat of a time with me! :)

Boo : I'll send you a picture of the cut cake. Just so u know how that looks. ;)

Anju : Yeah small is definitely nice for birthday 1, and having it home, all the better. It was so good when we could put him down
for his sleep at his regular time.

IoS : Long distance deliveries huh? You should check out her website and ask her yourself. :)
Will send u an email.

Sree : Sush! Yes....I have submitted to that cliche many a times. But not I am moving with time..:) Thank you!

noon said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy birthday to Thambi! They look so cute in their kurtas. What a neat idea - a year of his pics in one sheet. And the cake - my god - can this dream weaver travel on assignments?! :)

AA_Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Delurking for the first time. Have been following your blog for more than a couple months now.

A very Happy Birthday to Sathya!. First birthdays are always special.
Both of them look very nice in Indian attire

SUR NOTES said... Best Blogger Tips

happy birthday sathya. and congratulations to the big brother and the parents for taking such wonderful care and smothering the little fellow with love.

Suki said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday Thambi! :)

What leapt out at me from your post was your decision to "move with time" instead of spending the time reminiscing or dreaming of what's to come. With life moving so fast, it's such a struggle between resolving the past, absorbing the present, and planning the future. And there you are, in your serene space, just managing to balance all three :).

The cake looks fabulous and is making my mouth water most obscenely :P. Thambi and Winkie both look so charming in their kurtas, especially Winkie's for-the-camera smile.

The calendar idea is truly beautiful - you are really a creative woman, Tharini!
Yet again, Happy Birthday Thambi :)

Timepass said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday Dear Thambi.. Lovely cake and cute pics.

DotMom said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just about to ask you if you had bithday plans. Special hugs and blessings dear dear Thambi on completeting 365 days and graduating to toddlerhood! He is no more a baby Tharini. Sigh. Does that make you wistful? He looks adorable in his silk Kurta as does big brother Winkie! The cake is fantastic. So beautifully done? And guava flavor? I need the recipe, please!

Shobana said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy birthday Thambi darling from all of us here with special hugs and kisses from Naren. Hope he enjoyed all the attention on that day. The cake looks absolutely delicious.

Geeta said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome calendar, Tharini!

That will be your perfect '1st year-sathya-time machine'. It's Beautiful.

Birthdays are special, and 1st b'day even more so. And when you write the event down so well, it's just going to be perfect when u revisit these memories some years down the line...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely cake, pics and calendar.

Love to the boys

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