Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little time machine...

A material object that holds the key to a lot of my memories; a time machine of a kind that catapults me back to a point that changed the course of my life. My wedding.
This set of boxes is my time machine. I open it and I travel a good 7 years and 1 month back to a day when I went shopping for glass bangles, to match the 5 odd sarees I would have to wear for the different religious ceremonies during my wedding. A cousin came along, and I can still remember matching the colour of the bangles to the colour of the blouses, and taking them out into the sunlight just to make sure that the shade was exact. I remember the tinkle of the bangles as I very gingerly, tried them on for size. I remember how carefully and effortlessly, the shopkeeper wrapped them up in rectangular newspaper bits and arranged them neatly in these two boxes for me to take home.

I remember how I stuck a strip of masking tape and labelled them 1 and 2 with a marker. 1 for the bangles to be worn on Day 1 of the wedding and 2 for Day 2. I remember how I designated one cousin to be the one to hand me the bangles when I needed them. I can look at the colours now and tell you which set I wore with which saree and for what occasion. Months after the wedding, I remember how carefully I packed them up again for the long 20 hour journey to America to start my married life. These bangles are not just a relic from my wedding, but a frozen reminder of the person that wore them then. I remember the wild excitement of starting a new life, the nervousness of living with new people, a place for my dreams to come to light and see if it matched up to the reality.

" Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them."

I don't wear them anymore, because I would hate to see a single one of them break. So I keep it safe and secure in these two boxes, stashed away in a bigger box, and then set in a corner of the closet. From time to time, when I take the time to clear out the clutter and air things out, I find these boxes again. And I unwrap the newspaper covers and look at them wistfully, thoughts and memories flowing through me. I delight perennially in the dazzle of colours before my eyes and just this once, take them all out of the wrappings and feel them dangling from my fingers. I arrange them prettily in the boxes and take a picture to see them in another way. When I am done, I once again begin the cumbersome process of wrapping them up in the newspaper, my skill in no way matching that of the shopkeeper who first handled them. Once they are snug and secure, I put them back inside the box. After one last look, I close the lid and put it back into the bigger box, that goes into the corner of the closet. It will be safe there till the next time I take it out to connect with a bygone time.

Posted as part of a chain of thought, passed on to me by Dipali. Hoping to continue the flow of this thought by gently nudging Noonie, Its our space, Sue, Vijaya and Moppet's Mom to indulge in their stream of memories.


Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Tara, I love glass bangles. I bought some during our honeymoon in Benaras and I love those bits. A large part of collection was bought to match my trousseau, and I love those too.

I can't imagine what to do the tag on, I'm a very material girl and there are so many things!

Its Our Space said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey T,BEAUTIFUL ! I cant expect anything less from you. I love the effort that goes behind every one of your posts.Send some of that my way, please.And Yay on the little guy's first big step.Now get ready for the race:)

And thanks for dropping by my, ahem,blog.I'm really thrilled - first tag and all.Will take it up soon :D

Raj said... Best Blogger Tips

The bangles are great but what caught my attention was the text on the masking tape. Great handwriting.... each of them written in a different style. Love the heart topping the "i" on the first box and the swastika too:-) The "W" on the first box reminds me of the Washington Nationals logo.

Preethi said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful!!! Memories always are!!

dipali said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely. I wish you'd wear them sometimes, though- add to the memories:)

DC said... Best Blogger Tips

it's so wonderful. reminded me of my bangles :-) almost the same colours...

again, a lovely post.


Geeta said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely post, Tharini.

I have the same habit, only that I revisit memories through the bundle of my greeting cards, and my Diary.

I love glass bangles!!

I know am late in wishing u, but hearty congrats on ur wedding anniversary!

noon said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tara - I didn't notice my name here until now when I read it peacefully...nice post. Lovely bangles. Wish we could see a pic of you wearing 'em with your wedding sari. I will post on this sometime...

Rohini said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautifully written, as always.

And a big hug to Thambi for his latest milestone...

Sush said... Best Blogger Tips

delurking after a loooooooong looong time.. this piece just shook me out of the slumber.. you are one emotional and sensible person that I have ever come in touch with (well, I visit every single day to check out on the kids and you of course)..

The effort and thought behind it is really heart-touching..

choxbox said... Best Blogger Tips

Biyootiful Tharini!

So many interesting posts to read because of this tag!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

really enjoyed the bangles story

Aryan said... Best Blogger Tips

very good post....after reading this I was thinking about the bangles that we got for my sisters marriage..
Aryan's mom

Moppet's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous! Will definitely do this tag - it's a beautiful one - maybe when I get back from India.

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