Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 20th, 2009!

Hope is a very powerful thing. It has the power to recreate the future within our own minds, and when it reaches the hands, visions become reality. I think that is the hope we all have today. That the vision we see now in the face of a new and powerful leadership will also herald the reality that our children may swim in. Inshallah!

I was glued to cnn.com all day long. The coverage was fantastic, and even without cable tv, I could witness history unfold. I didn't think it was possible, but the inevitable tears did come when he came into the podium, and when the invocation was being given. It was a very silent feeling of being able to witness something singularly unique and unprecedented. And in these pages, I wanted to chronicle what my own little men were upto, and how this day touched their lives, so that one day, in the future that I dream of, they will know exactly what their place in it was!

Thambi watched TV with me. As I lay on the couch, the volume on in full, my little son figured something special was happening, if his mother was sprawled midmorning on the couch. And so he clambered on, onto my back, clapped whenever the people on TV clapped, tried to mouth Oh baa maaa syllable after syllable with me and generally picnicked until he dropped off to sleep.

Winkie, parallely, saw quite a lot of action in school. They painted in a little picture of their President, learnt a few facts about him, and got a little booklet of what some of the rooms in the White House looked like. It was interesting and even I picked up a few tidbits from that book! And then, just before it was time for the inaugural address, all the kids were marched into the PE hall, and together, the entire school watched and heard the momentous words. In Winkie's own words...

...we saw a lot of pictures of Barrack Obama (its so cute, the way he says his name), and everyone clapped a lot.

When asked if he enjoyed it....he said no. And why?

Because I could not go to the bathroom for 45 minutes!!!

And it is with this that I conclude, that even when destiny plays a hand in the winds of change, there are more practical considerations to note!


Artnavy said... Best Blogger Tips

here in India Obama makes so much news as well- I feel strange/ sad that we know more about him than say Manmohan singh

the power fo charisma I suppose

How do we know said... Best Blogger Tips

aah!!! Great going there! practical considerations get my attention more than hope anyday :-)

Mama - Mia said... Best Blogger Tips

what a beautiful post!

and to see it from a child's perspective, even better! :)



Nino's Mum said... Best Blogger Tips

awww :) the best thing you could have done Tharini - share this with the kids. memories, like words, are infalliable too. and this day and its images will stay back with them, coming up for quick reference when they least expect it. seeds of change, right?
and if winkie's okay with it, a hug from me to him!

revsjoiedevivre said... Best Blogger Tips

Akka,have u any video or audio with Winkie saying Obama? I've been imagining the possible ways in which he would pronounce it ever since I read that line.If you have anything,send it across please?

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Art : I think its a little more than plain charisma. Wish I could explain. Don't quite know how.

NM : Of course he will be ok with it! He has no choice really! :D Hugs delivered!

revs : I don't. :) I'll do it if I get a chance to...time is a little tight right now, since we leave day after.

Serendipity said... Best Blogger Tips

:) 'He lives in A white house '

choxbox said... Best Blogger Tips

'..a white house'.. totally cute!

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