Sunday, August 09, 2009

A castaway in red! :D

3 days into the recovery period and already so much has changed. For one, I have settled in with my feelings on all that has happened overnight. I have accepted the situation a lot better now and have watched how things are sort of falling into place on their own, which lifts a lot of the worries off of me.

My cousin is here as of yesterday (Sunday). She is here for a whole week. So the kids and food are taken care of, which is usually the biggest concern in a situation like this. Some options have been worked out for the weeks following that, which I will elaborate on as time goes by, and it looks like I may be able to manage without my mom after all. I already have an excel spreadsheet, working out how the weeks ahead are planned. Which just goes to show that I have a lot of time on my hands. :). The sprain on my right leg is feeling a lot better and using the crutches for bathroom trips isn't as hard as it initially was. Only, a new problem emerged as of yesterday compounding the issue just a little bit. I have severe sciatic pain on my right leg now...the one that is sprained, making every single twitch of the muscle an excruciatingly painful one. I dread the very idea of going to the bathroom, all over again, and nothing short of helpless yelping every few seconds and a constant chanting of His name, get me through it.

Did I tell you guys that I named both my crutches? The one on the right is called Ashes. And the left one is Sparkly. One of the biggest challenges to emerge from this accident is a psychological one. My mind fears a lot more easily now. It is ready to fear without a second thought. That I find is more crumbling than anything else. And the only way to counter that is to actively stay in the moment, accept the pain wholeheartedly and just simply be determined to get through it. Something R said really impacted me 2 days back, when I was afraid to put pressure on my right leg to get up to a standing position. He told me that my crutches were now my legs. And that I must trust them. I must believe that they will help me and place my faith in them. Why does the most profound things in the world have to be the most simple??? As always, since I had no other choice, I believed in his words and trusted my 2 standing poles. That was the point that I decided to name them. For I started taking to talking to them, asking for their help and support and thanking them for another round of successful hobbling, that it made sense to personalise the whole endeavour. :)

I am thankful for the presence of my cousin and her 2 smart, talkative girls. The sounds of their laughter and words fill the house and enliven it no end. Sathya who was previously very dull and listless, loves their company and is blooming from their attention. They all fight, laugh, talk, scream, yell, get bored and generally create a cheerful ruckus from morning to night, that I have no time to feel low or miserable. I spend a lot of time playing board games with them, so they all don't get too bored. Mancala is the present favorite, followed by rounds of Mousetrap and Chinese Checkers. :)

I cannot express how much I enjoyed reading all your words and wishes for me and my family. The way you guys worded your thoughts and your advice to me...just leapt out and made so much of solid sense that I shall definitely be following it. :) All of you lauded me for my positive outlook. And I feel the real hero of the scene too deserves such a big pat on the back. My husband has been so full of patience with all of us. A handicapped wife, a sick child, another clingy bewildered one, deadlines just around the corner, a roadtrip to make, laundry to do on the side, and just the sheer worry of the logistics of it all. I felt so sorry for him as he went about his work and mine. But thankfully, his inner voice also guides him well, as it did in this one. He was prompted to prioritise himself and taking care of us was the simple priority. So he set aside work and all thoughts of it and dedicated himself to us. It was so nice to be taken care of by him. The bed coffees were such a treat. I think I can really get used to this life! ;)

I think I shall end this update here. The painkillers I took for the sciatica is making me quite groggy and my head is a fuzzy cottonball of words. I am now calling myself the Lady in red for very obvious reasons, and filing all these posts in the Castaway Series! Oh btw, I am just 2 posts away from 500. Please write to me, you all, and tell me what you would write, if you had a chance to sign my cast! I wouldn't mind a smart haiku while you're at it! :D


Thiru said... Best Blogger Tips

Get well soon Akka!!!

SUR NOTES said... Best Blogger Tips

lady in red
sat on her bed
working the mind in her head

A coffee mug,
and many a hug
should help in resting the worry weaving bug...

sorry, for four years haikus are a thing of the past- simple nursery rhymes rule.

Anju said... Best Blogger Tips

Feel better soon T!

Altoid said... Best Blogger Tips

She's got half a leg
But is a lady in red
Oh the joys
Of coffee in bed!

What's a sprained ankle
Or a broken bone
Its the perfect setting
For a good book and a scone

(Confession : The first one initially ended thus :
We only hope
She doesn't pee in bed :P. Then I figured I didnt want you throwing heavy stuff at me!)

Will send more later. :D

Nalini said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tharani,

Get Well Soon. I admire your optimistic attitude and courage. Hope everything turns out good for you.

utbtkids said... Best Blogger Tips

She is a jolly good fella,
she is a jolly good fella,
she is a jolly good fella,
nobody can deny.
That nobody can deny,
nobody can deny.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said... Best Blogger Tips

You family has always been there for you ... and now with your renewed optimism you will get through these weeks ... best wishes !

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Tara,
Get well soon!


OmSai said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Tara, Get well soon....i admire your optimism and it will definitely help you to sail thr.....Best Wishes.

ramya said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Thareenee

When I first saw the cast , I thought to myself "Now thareenee has such a fixation for earthy reds that shes even got a cast in that color!" , Im so used to seeing boring white casts , but oh look at you !;)
Enjoy maadi the well deserved rest , and get well soooon tha-ree-nee!

Kodi's Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

(sing to the tune of ring-around-the- roses)

Our lady T cast in red
She gets room service in her bed
Ashes! Sparkly!
We'll all help you stand up!

that said, who in the world names their crutches??!(*eyeroll*)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


get well soon...
came to your blog after a while and am very sad to know about your accident.
Take care dear.
I can only imagine how hard it must be for you with the kids.
Take care.


Sheela said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear, Dear, Tharini, HUGS! Am a little late in catching up... But boy, you amaze me! Get well soon so Ashes and Sparkly can be put to rest.

My brain's a gooey mess from all the heat in Madras, so am not even attempting haiku, seeing the wonderful works of SUR NOTES and Altoid and Kodi's Mom :)

Aruna said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tharini
Get Well soon.


Shobha said... Best Blogger Tips

Wishing you a speedy recovery Tharini :)

AD said... Best Blogger Tips

Get well soon and good luck with Ashes and Sparkly!!

Reva said... Best Blogger Tips

Intha rana kalathulayum ungalukku oru kilukiluppu kekkuthu :) (* thanks to vadivelu in the movie 'winner')
Sy.. I suck at poetry.. But I guess the others made up for it! Get well soon.. I'll send you some reading material as promised!!! :)

Aditi's Album said... Best Blogger Tips

May Baba give you all the sterngth to get through this test. I'm sure u'll be a winner inthe game as you always have been. Get well soon dear. God bless you....

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Sur...waah waah! I hear you on the nursery rhymes! Bravo bravo!

Thiru & Anju ...thank you guys! :))

Alty....not bad at all! Impressed.. Will you make me a scone when you come please? :D If you do, I might just ignore the stuff in the brackets!

Nalini : Thanks. You guys buffer my attitude so much more, knowing that's what you all expect from me.

utbt : This I gotta hear from th voice of those 2 laydees sitting under the banyan tree. Another video pleaseeee!!!! :D

CA : Amen! :D

p : I will. Thanks. Tara. :D

OmSai : Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is just a dream! *oops* got carried away when I heard the word sail. :D

Yamya : We saggis need a way to stand out now, don't we?? :)

KM :
This lady T, cast in red
Who gets room service in her bed,
has lots of time on her head,
That said...
Ashes and Sparkly, she christened the lot,
Just like Buddy her car, and Thambi her tot,
And Ivie the cycle that she bought!
Who in the world names their crutches? you ask me...
Well I tell you, her name is Tha-ree-neee!!! :D

he he he he he!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Jyothy : things have looked hard many a times and looked easy too many a times. With all of you giving me such comfort, its the latter that happens more frequently. Thank you. :)

Sheels : Stay cool and don't melt my friend. Come back soon, sane and solid. :)

Aruna : Thank you! :)

Shobha : Thanks. :) Its been a while..nice to hear from you again.

AD : Thanks and Ashes and Sparkly thank you for acknowledging them! :D

Reva : Send me the second batch pleaaaaaaaaaaase!

AA : What a sweet blessing to invoke from Baba. Thank you. :)

karmickids said... Best Blogger Tips

Aww! How are you now? Hope better. Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery...

yaadayaada said... Best Blogger Tips

Get well soon! Take it easy! Looks like the ankle/leg fracture seems to be an epidemic. It is has been 4 months and I am 85% back to normal now. Still some way to go! Take care! Eat lot of fiber, calcium rich food! And make sure you undergo physical therapy once the ankle has healed. Good Luck and my prayers are with you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Anon : Thank you for your encouragement. :) Though I have written every article on this site with a lot of sincerity and honesty. So each one of them is special to me.

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