Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House of Expressions

This is the perfect end to a day. Its 8:00 PM and the boys were in bed some 10 minutes ago. A rarity in this household, despite my fondest notions of an early bedtime. All the groceries are done and put away. The house is clean and organised and looking spic and span. I re-potted our biggest house plants and they seem even more lush and prosperous now. And best of all, I managed to do the one thing I had been dreaming of for awhile now. Setting up a proper art corner for the boys. 

A place, where we could find all the supplies whenever the fancy overtook to create something. A place, where making that inevitable mess was still ok. A place that would be a little haven of peace and solitude and expressive energy. And most of all just a space they could go to on their own and help themselves to materials that were within their reach, instead of calling out to me for every single thing, which is how it has been so far. 

The idea for this space having been born a long time in my head, I had been steadily preparing for it, by gathering all the stuff together and accumulating it in the basement. But I still had no clue how I wanted to go about it. It remained a vague dream in my head, until finally this last weekend, when I decided that me and the boys would head down, while R took care of feeding us lunch. But once there, I was again beset by this inertia of where and how to begin. How to make efficient use of that space? How to give consideration for the plants that still needed to be indoors and in view of the sun, and also my art corner, which would be light, and airy and bright enough for the boys to work in? So I just sat back on the couch for a bit and looked around, while the boys played and shouted around me, and finally, unable to sit back any more, just began with some simple broom on the floor action. 

I swept the floor from end to visible end, and just the swish swish of that helped clear out my own dust in the head, and gave me a clearer picture. Soon, I was clearing out the soil of old plants that had long dried up, and   watered the new ones, and after deciding to still keep our clothes drying corner intact, decided that the best place to set up would be right next to it. With that finalized, the rest was easier. I moved out stuff that didn't belong in that corner, like bits of old carpet, and extra blinds, and our old table etc etc., pulled in all the extra shelving that we had around the place and started opening the boxes of supplies. Before I knew it, it was actually taking shape, and the fun bits were how I could improvise and use stuff I already had to add interesting touches to the space. Like, how Winkie's decoupaged bowl from school craft-time, was now used to hold some of our paint tubes. Or how an interesting goody bag from a party was now a paintbrush stand. Or how some of the boys' old plastic sectioned plates, could now be used as extra easels. Or how the toyhouse we began and never completed, is now our supply house. :D. Or even how, the two 1000-piece Thomas Kincade puzzles, I had worked on 10 years ago and glued to the back of cardbord, to make it like a painting, could now be commissioned as an art piece for the space, acting as a source of inspiration, and giving splash and colour to the grey walls.

Before long, I was digging into Winkie's Kindergarten and 1st grade memory boxes, to extract all his other drawings and pictures and notes, and sticking them on the walls. I ran back upstairs and got all of Thambi's current ones from his folder and added a corner of his own, making that section of the wall a museum....of memories and colour, and little hands in earnest expression, and capturing the essence of the boys frozen at that point in time. I saved the really prized ones (pics later), to be framed nicely and mounted in the boys' room. But this made use of every other thing they had worked on and saved, and added so much, colour, character and cheer to the place.

At the end of it all, I sat back again on the couch, this time to enjoy the fruits of all my labour and it was a gladdening sight, which is the picture you see on the top, followed by a more detailed slideshow. Now it remains to be seen, whether it will be used and made functional in the way I envisioned it. And that's a whole different ballgame. But the summer's just beginning, ins't it? :)

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VJ said... Best Blogger Tips

Its beautiful Tharini !!!

the mad momma said... Best Blogger Tips

ohmigod. i am inspired. i'd love for the kids to have an art corner. in fact i think i should start planning it. thanks Tara :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said... Best Blogger Tips

Nicely done !!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

hi Tharini,
That gives me some inspiration. I will do the same with my boys. Thank you.


d said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my god, for the one millionth time when i read about something you did i want to say ME TOO, and I ALSO WANT. this infact HAS been on my list of things to do, coz the girls love to muck around with their drawing and colouring, and here too, they have had to call out to me for every single thing, and i find myself mostly saying - not just now, later. so i have been wanting to createe a space like this for them, now i am truly inspired to do it ASAP!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks all.

MM : YOu defly. should. I am sure it would be awesome. Pics when you are done ok?

Sree : Yes please do.

d : The girls deserve their own free space d. And you have to give it to them. Pronto. Can't wait to see what they'd churn out!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

wow..great job Tharini!
I am inspired.


dipali said... Best Blogger Tips

This is lovely! Such a wonderful creative corner for the boys, and for the parents too:)

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