Monday, July 25, 2011

Buddy Zoo

In our home now, we have a new system for how we display our toys. Its called the Buddy Zoo system. More of why its called that later. For now, let me just describe what it is. To my untrained eye, it is just all the toys, cars, mini-teddies, blocks, actions figures, which were erstwhile lying neatly in their separate bins, now suddenly dumped onto two separate tables, and arranged in some cohesive fashion. But ask the boys and they will tell you a whole different story. They will have it be known, that both those 2 tables, on which these "things" are lined up on, are actually 2 countries. And since they are so close to each other, they are actually Australia and New Zealand. And of course, Winkie being the older one and the designer of the whole plot, gets to be Australia and Thambi's corner is New Zealand. For reader reference, the left pic is Australia, the right is New Zealand.

The 2 countries are separated by water. Australia is gifted with a nice beach, a nice new terrace house where all the cars can go. New Zealand has 2 big camping spots, and invites Australia over. Now I don't know at what point Australia took on a human connotation, but there it is. We do not question imagination. We just quote it. The mailbox is actually the tent (not in picture). In Australia, the wooden box is the house for all the cars to be in. The action figure is a soldier to help New Zealand fight whenever the need arises. The kid monitor is for communication between the two countries. Obviously technology hasn't progressed way more than that, but who am I to crib? But I am also told that there is an invisible computer in NZ, from where you go to to find directions to other places!! The teddy bears in NZ are all the family that lives there. Suffice it to say this covers many branches of the same family tree. The setup changes from time to time, depending on which toy is currently in, and which one is out. Once they even put these thin silver chains which I got them from the jewelry exhibition in their zoos.

For the longest time, the whole thing to me, was an eyesore. Sure I enjoyed this vivid imagination that could be called at will to conjure up the most fantastic situations to get lost in, but at the end of the day, I liked everything neatly tucked away and out of sight. But how can an entire country be dismantled? And two countries at that. *sigh*. So this is one thing I had to let go on. And I think I have it under my belt. These days, when I find a stray car or a teddy lying around, I don't just dump them back in the bins, I take the time to do my research and ask, which country they belong to? Heavens! It is always better to double check these facts and make sure, for who knows which character has gone visiting where, and God forbid they are found outside of that zone, and it was sure to escalate tensions between the two countries!

Yes, we have all become a part of the Buddy Zoo system. The boys are so into their world, that the minute Winkie set his eyes on one of his birthday presents from his Aunt and Uncle, a K-Nex bridge construction set, he had immediately envisioned how he would now build a bridge that would go over the ocean to connect the 2 countries. Now that's being committed to something!

Which brings me back to my promise to reveal why Buddy Zoo. Buddy, because he is one of the main protagonist cars, around whom all the excitement happens. The Zoo because it is my addendum. For how grating it was on my senses at the very start. And wanna hear a secret? It still is.


Neera said... Best Blogger Tips

So sweet Tharini :) The power of imagination indeed - isn't it fascinating how anything can serve as anything in these kids' eyes - an invisible computer - beat that :) Think of it, they didn't ask for one if they didn't have one, just pretended it was invisible. I relate with the same things happening here in the summer holidays :)

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

@Neera Yes its definitely fun witnessing all of this, as it is equally frustrating when I see the "mess". I need to get over my eccentricities. :) Hope you are enjoy the summer hols!

Pat said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! what a great collection of different toys. I remember my nephew's toys, we put it in the cabinet and label what name and year we bought it since it is a limited collection of an anime. :D

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