Thursday, September 29, 2011

Praise God!

Yesterday, I received a mail that had these following lines in it. And there was a simple beauty in those words which was hard to ignore and write off to the usual sentimental cliche.

Happy moments, Praise God
Difficut moments, Seek God
Quiet moments, Worship God
Painful moments, Trust God
Every moment ,Thank God

And at first glance and first thought,  the order of the action words for each life situation seemed about apt. But then you start digging a little deeper into yourself. And realise that so many of these are interchangeable. And when interchanged, can actually point to the place you are at in life, on that deeper level. So I played around with the words, to see if it still inspired me.

Happy moments, Trust God. 
(that this too shall pass)
Difficult moments, Praise God. 
(for the creative ingenuity of that exact life situation that you need to weed out something in your life)
Quiet moments, Thank God. 
(for direct communion)
Painful moments, Worship God. 
(glorifying all His attributes, while accepting that He is still beyond it)
Every moment, Seek God. 
(He is the only one that succumbs to your grasp, and willingly stays there)

Yes! This was a slightly bigger challenge than before, and if I am really true in my seeking, I could be capable of all these things. And inch by inch, maybe there will be a point when I don't have to use so many words for it. Just one would suffice.

Happy moments, Praise God.
Difficult moments, Praise God.
Quiet moments, Praise God.
Painful moments, Praise God.
Every moment, Praise God.

How simple life is, when there are fewer words to choose from.


ranjani.sathish said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved your interpretation Tharini and it is so true.

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said... Best Blogger Tips

So much applicable to all of us!

knee high converse for girls said... Best Blogger Tips

We need God every time.I dont believe in temples but when ever i am in problem,i just close my eyes and recite OM.After some time ,i always feel good.

ashok said... Best Blogger Tips

Very true...

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