Sunday, January 01, 2012


I start this post, with no real thoughts, but only a vague urge that I need to write something. Something about 2012 and being at the crossover point, demands it. So in no particular order....

1. The thing I have learnt the most this year, is that it is okay to be myself. Even if all I am feeling is quiet, distanced and lost to my own world, its okay to be like that. People will eventually get used to it. Its okay to cut those ties of expectations that bind you to them, and be free on both sides. For maybe then, a more real relationship can blossom.

2. Children like to be liked. They like to be looked at. They like to be heard. They like an answer to their questions. And the more patient a reply, the better.

3. That when you really like them, and look at them, and hear them, and answer them, you get a very rare, precious look inside to their soul and what makes them tick. It is information you can use to soften all the edges of your own heart, when it hardens in rage and frustration.

4. The fewer words you use, and the lesser explaining you do in a conversation, the better it is. It shows that you come from a place of confidence, where not everything has to be justified and explained and understood with a perspective.

5. Whatever I see, whatever I label outside, is but a reflection of what already lies within me. And no wonder I was able to recognize it and label it in the first place. How can I not, when I have such an intimate knowledge of it?

6. That art is a therapy that belies understanding. And that a family that paints together, can actually make a family.

7. That Thambi is a man inside a boy, and a baby at the end of the day. He talks beyond his years sometimes, with such a clarified understanding of things. He advises me no end, and especially when I play Wii tennis, but when its time for bed, he still needs a warm adult body next to him. I must learn to enjoy that more this year.

8. That Winkie, holds everything tightly within. That he doesn't use his freedom of expression that very much. That he could, more. But in all that quietness, there is such a wealth of restraint in him, with regard to things of this world. He can handle himself with such grace and poise in a crowd, that oftentimes, he gets lost in it. He loves a sense of conformity to things....and any deviance from that is what frustrates him. Now we all know what life will do with that! :)

9. That I still love my coffee in the morning. I have tried different ways to let go, to stop, to cut the bonds. But it will not have it. I am tied to my one cup. And its time I made peace.

10. That New Years' is not a time for resolutions. If there is true resolve, change can happen anytime, anywhere, and even within your heart. And everyday is a testimony to that. So where does that leave New Years then? Its just that time of the year, when you actually feel the length of the life you have lived and wonder in amazement at how fast it all went. Now that is customary!

Wish you ALL a more acute sense of living this coming year. May the transformations happen daily, without the fanfare, but with all sense of fulfilment.

P.S. - # 11 : That you can add any picture and find a symbolism for it, especially when you don't have anything else to show. Such as this one of a sunflower from my summer deck garden. Sunflowers are special in the way they always grow towards the sun. If there is a need for any resolution, then let it be this for me. To always grow towards the light...


Dee said... Best Blogger Tips

I knew I could see a lovely post here today :) Happy New Year Tharini !

Shachi said... Best Blogger Tips

One of your best posts - I LOVED it. I especially loved how you worded #3, #6,'s to growing towards our inner light :).

Happy 2012!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Tharini,

Happy New Year... I so love point 3... sometimes my 9 year old son says something profound that its shocking...

4 - so true.. I am trying to learn it...a long conversation leads to longer fights!!

hey a request : Can you please post some recent pictures of kids? Its almost a year since we saw them...
My best wishes to you, Rajesh and kids..

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

happy 2012 to you all,

oh,how i wish you would write more often.
can you do a post on books that changed you,challenged you in some way.
your reading list?


A day in the life of a MOM said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy New year..this one got me thinking !! Very nicely expressed.

Thiru said... Best Blogger Tips

I was waiting for this post... Happy New Year Akka... :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely Post!! Happy New year!

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy 2012! :)

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

@Shachi Thank you Shachi! :)

@ Sujatha : I sure will. I am slowly trying to get back into a more regular writing mode, and I will keep posting some pics, as I do. Happy New Year to you!

@ Anon : Reading list. Hmm. Come to think of it, there have been a few key books that transformed the way I thought of this world. I'll try to remember them and write it down.

@ A day in the of a Mom : Thanks. Happy New Year!

Thiru : Happy New year!! :)

Anon : Thanks. Happy New Year to you!

Choxbox said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy 2012 T.

Loved 2 and 3 esply.

Poppy said... Best Blogger Tips

I've reread this post - oh a million times already. Loved it. And shared it with the husband who said it was amazing too!

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