Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I grew up reading Tintin comics. I think my Dad owned quite a few titles and it would be kept safely locked inside his little book cabinet, alongwith a worn copy of Kane & Abel. And on many quiet afternoons, I would extract them and read them, over and over again, till I knew every single dialogue and every single twist in the plot.

Interestingly enough that is one of the few books I share in common with R, who is not too much of a reader otherwise. So, when Tintin was going to hit the big screen, there was no way we were going to miss it. We were excited to watch it and also see how the boys would take to it, especially Winkie. And he gave us a thumbs up at the end of the show and that very week, I got home some of the comics for him to read, starting with The Castafiore Emerald. 

He was never much of a graphics novel type of guy uptil this point, so I read out a few strips and pages to him, getting him into the nuances of each character, and how to tell the difference between a word bubble and a thought bubble. And all the crazy things that Capt. Haddock usually says and how a glass breaks everytime Bianca sang. And with just those few introductory notes, he was raring to go on his own. And there's been no turning back since. Now, he can share quite a few observations with me. Like how Snowy, the dog, also talks and how he mirrors the same expressions as on Tintin's face.

The fever is so blazing that he renamed his Mii Tintin today. And plans to take it the extra mile, by making Thambi Snowy, R as Haddock, and me as....(a no brainer!)....Bianca. Now I better practice all my high notes.

Needless to say, I am quite thrilled that he loves what I once loved, and this will be something that joins us together, always!


Lakshmi said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yeah. Tintin can become an obsession with kids (and adults !)

My 8-year old quotes from Tintin in daily life and my own gravatar is Bianca.

However, I cannot (yet) induce her to read Asterix, which I think is far more intelligent than Tintin. Perhaps one day...

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