Monday, July 13, 2015

Love a little!

Reading even a little on the internet will tell you that what it takes to lose weight is to create that ideal calorie deficit. That if you burn 500 more calories than you consume each day, you can hope to lose 1-2 lbs every week safely. That it takes a calorie deficit of 3300 calories roughly to lose 1lb in a very linear and logical world.

That if you eat more protein and fiber and watch your carbs and fats and the components of each and drink more water, and journal your food, and exercise 45 minutes to an hour, and sleep on time and avoid rice at night and eliminate the white culprits from your diet and do yoga to massage all your internal organs, and chew some 30 times for each bite of food, you will be taking lucrative steps towards losing weight. And I agree with them all. Once you get started on this journey, there are no dearth of paths to explore and woods to get lost in and clearings to come out of. The choices are mind boggling, and there are peculiar permutations combinations of what measures go well with what and what doesn't. And I agree with them all.

But in this last quarter of the year, I found that one very elusive, very cliched secret to weight loss. It is what mind body articles will tell you. It is what friends who love you to the ends of the moon and back will tell you. It is what you know too in the depths of what makes you tick and breathe. That after all those measures and efforts and disciplines to move your body, and bend your mind and be consistent about it day in and day out, if you do not actually love yourself exactly as you are, nothing else can make a dent.

It begins and ends with that simple self love. To look at yourself in the mirror and feel beautiful, extra pounds, extra layers, extra fat cells and all! To feel a glow from within yourself that has nothing to do with how your clothes fit your contours, but everything to do with how your own sense of beauty and well being envelops your own life. This simple truth evaded me for the longest time ever. Only now, it makes sense. How can you ever hope to change something if you begin it with a tight fisted resistance and denial? If you reject what is for what can and will eventually be. Love makes the flow of energy in every direction possible. If love can move mountains, it can definitely shift the weighing scale a little in your favor.

And that was how it began. A simple but momentous shift in my own perception of myself, acknowledgement of my needs, and the fact that I was beautiful. Period. And that gave way to a certain happiness that cannot be described or eulogized unless it is directly experienced. And happiness is its own aphrodisiac. Once you have a true whiff of it, you want more and more and more, and with the openness of heart, more is what you get from this bountiful self fulfilling Universe. And happiness creates more beauty in turn. And this glow feeds itself. And a quarter of a year passes, and the scales shift, and alongside it, the bigger tectonic shifts in your own complicated and simplified self.

The upshot to it is clothes that fit better and then hang a little, knees that don't hurt as much when you go up the stairs, a pulse that remains steady even after an hour of exercise, and confidence that can only ONLY come from within because of the without.

And every single sensation and heartbeat of this journey is priceless.


GG said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply beautiful! Enjoyed reading every single word. I am very happy for you. Please continue writing.

Tharini said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you. I am so late on my reply. :(

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